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Tricky Interview Questions



Qu. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Ans. Prepare 2-3 of each and relate them back to situations in your current / previous position.


Qu. Tell me about yourself.

Ans. Choose words that can be thought of as strengths and that will add value to the company. Avoid wishy-washy terms like ‘bubbly’, ‘chatty’ and ‘sociable’.


Qu. What can you offer our company?

Ans. Give details of any previous experiences, achievements and promotions from your previous positions.


Qu. What is your ambition?

Ans. Don’t be afraid to say you’d like to be promoted to the next level within a certain period of time, or you’d like to move into a management role.


Qu. What do you look for in a potential employer?

Ans. Example are that you want a company that can offer good career progression, varied project work, working overseas and working for a recognised leading company.


Qu. Why do you feel you are right for this position?

Ans. Detail your previous skills and experience that are relevant to the current job requirements, but also give details of any additions skills i.e. languages that you may feel will be beneficial.


Qu. What is your management style?

Ans. Give details of your previous experience in terms of running a team effectively and how you got the best out of them. If you don’t have previous management experience, give details of how you best like to be managed and which management style you work best under.