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Corporate Social Responsibility



By taking steps to reduce waste from our operations and recycle, we can preserve the earth’s natural resources and enhance the quality of lives around the globe. Our commitment begins with our environmental policy (an explicit and integral part of our corporate business and operating philosophy) that actively seeks opportunities to minimise our environmental impact.


Resource Efficiency

Peritus Green Associates aim to minimise resource use without compromising business efficiency and are particularly concerned about the resources that are used in regular core business such as paper, packaging and energy.


Managing Materials

Out of all the materials consumed by Peritus Green Associates in daily operations, paper is the material used the most. With this in mind Peritus Green Associates have implemented various initiatives to ensure a low adverse impact:

• We minimise the use of paper by promoting electronic communication where suitable.

• We re-cycle paper where appropriate.

• We re-cycle used paper, confidential waste, packaging and magazines/newspapers through an independent recycling scheme.

• Where appropriate we use recycled materials such as paper and packaging. In addition all employees are actively encouraged to recycle other materials such as glass and aluminium through local authority recycling schemes. In addition all printer and toner consumables are recycled.



In wanting to be a “good neighbour”, Peritus Green Associates recognises it has a responsibility to make a positive, sustainable impact on the communities around it, and our efforts in this area comprise both community related activities and charitable donation.