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Permanent Recruitment


Peritus Green Associates recognise that the recruitment of permanent staff requires individual attention to detail. From past experiences we are able to identify candidates who will be of benefit to your business.

 All applicants receive a thorough screening ensuring your requirements are fulfilled and the applicants’ expectations are met.

 We are careful to check locations, mobility and interview availability and by working very closely with the job seekers through their job hunting process we can be sure that once we have filled your requirement, all parties concerned can be confident that they have made the right choice.

 Prior to interview all candidates will be thoroughly prepared and receive an overview of your company, culture and requirements. We always provide honest feedback throughout the recruitment process and will keep you completely informed at every stage.

 We will offer a service that our clients feel represents good value for money and will tailor a payment scheme to meet your cash flow requirements. We also offer a refund period to protect our clients in the event of an unsuitable hire.